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About Intrepid Brewing

Experts Who Are Passionate About the Potential of Terpenes


Intrepid Brewing provides botanically sourced terpenes to brewers to enhance the flavor, aroma, and effects of beer formulations. 

Intrepid Brewing is proud to be a part of the True Company family. Our vision for Intrepid Brewing was developed through the scientific exploration of terpenes through our sister company True Terpenes,

which is a leader in providing various industries high quality terpenes.


Intrepid Brewing is inspired by the potential of terpenes. Although terpenes have been utilized for centuries within alternative medicine and aromatherapy, it's just been within the last decade that the true potential of terpenes has been uncovered, particularly as they are studied in the context of cannabis.

By leveraging the scientific expertise within the True Terpenes network, which includes that of prominent cannabis researcher Dr. Ethan Russo, we are constantly driven by the research that continues to be developed on terpenes.


Not only are terpenes responsible for the aromas and flavors that arouse our senses, but they are increasingly being recognized for their therapeutic properties and potential effects on the mind and body. We are inspired by the growing recognition that terpenes can add functionality to what we consume, including within our beer!

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Our commitment to our customers includes continuous product development, exceeding standards for product quality, and ensuring that brewers have a trusted source for terpenes that are GRAS certified and TTB-approved.


With hundreds of terpenes existing within the plant world, we are eager to learn as much as we can about terpenes in order to provide brewers a wide array of terpene isolates, flavor blends, and cannabis strain-inspired terpene profiles.

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We are not new to terpenes. The True Company family is comprised of various experts who have dedicated their careers to terpene research, terpene extraction, and helping others understand how terpenes can enhance food and beverage products.


By staying ahead of the curve in terms of quality control and compliance, Intrepid Brewing offers products that are GRAS certified, TTB-approved, and have been formulated, blended, packed, and labeled in cGMP facilities certified by FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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